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Farewell Letter

Dear friends/colleagues,

July 26th will be my last day working at State Street. Leaving the firm which I have served for 10 years is an extremely difficult decision and to me it has always been a great honor knowing/working with all of you in these years.

I still remember every single project we have ever worked on, all the days/nights we have spent trying to make things better. The amazing experience I learnt from every one of you makes me a much much better person than 10 years ago, and there is not a single word can tell how grateful and proud I am of being part of this journey.

everything you’ve ever done was done by a younger, more hopeful you who you no longer are.

everything you aspire to do needs to be done by an older, more experienced you who you aren’t yet.

the paradox is that you will feel this way at every point in your entire life.

Enjoy the moment and sincerely wish all of you as well as the company a wonderful and promising future. Good luck everyone and keep in touch.

Thank you for everything. 无限感激,鞠躬致谢。